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The mission of the U.S. Pastor Council and community or state councils in the USPC network is to empower pastors and their congregations across racial and denominational lines to impact the culture and community through concerted prayer, to equip our congregations for effective citizenship and to provide a unified voice on spiritual, cultural, social and moral issues from a Biblical perspective.


Form a Local Council

We will assist you in the critical steps of developing a strong team to build from that will have the greatest potential to impact your city and state! You can also download our basic start up steps called “Mobilizing God’s Generals” to review prior to contacting us for further assistance.



We are asking all Christian pastors and concerned citizens around the nation to stand with your co-labors in the Kingdom of God in Houston, Texas.

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To contact Houston Mayor Annise Parker or your Council Member offices and address your concerns about this matter please call the City of Houston 713-837-0311.

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Houston Mayor Annise Parker has introduced and gotten passed what she is calling an “Equal Rights Ordinance…” Help in the fight!moreinfo_button

Update on No UNequal Rights Referendum Lawsuit

We want to keep information flowing out as best as possible to all our pastors, supporters and everyone concerned about the status of the referendum petition lawsuit following Mayor Parker’s “withdrawal” of the subpoenas to non-plaintiff pastors. I have summarized the basic status of the issue as of today and we will send out reports at least once a week except for needed urgent action items. read more

Citizenship as Ministry

Para-church ministries have served vital and needed functions in many ways, from evangelism training, missions support, providing food, clothing and shelter to those in need and mobilizing Christians to be good citizens as well as many other areas of need…

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Download “Mobilizing Gods Generals”

A manual on bringing pastors together
at the city level and creating church
citizenship ministry teams