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Houston Area Pastor Council was founded in 2003 by a group of thirteen pastors as a interdenominational, inter-racial coalition of senior pastors who came together to bring a united, Biblical voice to the city, state and even nation. We have grown to over 200 senior pastors in the greater Houston area as well as assisted in developing Pastor Councils in Austin, Beaumont, Sacramento, Virginia Beach and other cities around the country, birthing the identity of U.S. Pastor Council and Texas Pastor Council to connect those teams of pastors.

Texas Privacy Act is A Time to Stand for Texas Pastors!

Dear Texas Pastors:

As we have observed the massive propaganda campaign to destroy gender distinctions in Texas through the attacks on SB 6, the “Texas Privacy Act”, it has become more evident that this is not the time for timidity in the response of the churches. Both in the Senate committee hearing and in the Senate floor debate, the tragic evidence of gender confusion and threats of future economic disaster if we nominally protect our women and children have been legion. The LGBTQIA radicals and amoral business lobby will continue this propaganda and will have impact in the House without our voice.

One of the testimonies last week was by a group with a letter signed by 150 clergy against SB 6. In addition to the regional pastor briefings being conducted over the coming weeks to mobilize more pastors in key districts, we believe that an open letter by pastors across Texas in support of SB 6 would be very influential and is greatly needed.

Please review the letter we have prepared and confirm your name being listed ASAP by completing the form.   Time is of the essence.  Please email us with any questions at info@uspastorcouncil.org  . We plan to submit this to all 150 State Representatives, the Governor and Lt. Governor when we have reached our goal.
Two more action items:  1) Have all credentialed pastors on your staff sign also, and 2) Forward to all pastors you know to do the same!
Thank you for your faithful and courageous leadership!

Texas Pastor Council


Membership provides the ability to consult with your peers, and attend events with phenomenal speakers talking about issues that affect all of us. You’ll have access to resources to help your ministry. Be part of a local coalition of churches in your area.

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Form a local pastor council in your area. One pastor’s voice is strong. Many pastors’ voices can make change and make it quickly. Every day we see religious liberty being attacked. With a coalition of pastors, there is an army to fend off those attacks.

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