Houston Area Pastor Council was founded in 2003 by a group of thirteen pastors as a interdenominational, inter-racial coalition of senior pastors who came together to bring a united, Biblical voice to the city, state and even nation. We have grown to over 200 senior pastors in the greater Houston area as well as assisted in developing Pastor Councils in Austin, Beaumont, Sacramento, Virginia Beach and other cities around the country, birthing the identity of U.S. Pastor Council and Texas Pastor Council to connect those teams of pastors.


Houston Rally

USPC is the only pastor-led ministry engaging in cultural, social, moral and governing issues from a Biblically-grounded perspective that is focused on developing strong, functioning teams of pastors in each city as a means of building a “bottom-up” network that is truly grassroots.The mission of the U.S. Pastor Council and community or state councils in the USPC network is to empower pastors and their congregations across racial and denominational lines to impact the culture and community through concerted prayer, to equip our congregations for effective citizenship and to provide a unified voice on spiritual, cultural, social and moral issues from a Biblical perspective. The AMERICA Plan was developed as a Purpose Statement of how pastors and churches can and must enage in godly citizenship.

HAPC has become a respected voice on front line cultural and political issues from a non-partisan perspective, holding elected officials of both major parties and non-partisan offices to a Biblical standard. The Pastors’ Declaration of Godly Citizenship was developed to clarify the core values of this coalition.

If you need to know the nature of the threats against religious freedom through the courts please take some time to read and review the “Church Emergency Letter” written by Constitutional scholar, attorney and author Dr. Gary Amos.

HAPC has conducted numerous luncheons, workshops, rallies, elected official summits, Pastors’ Day At the Capitol and many other activities bringing pastors together, proving top quality Biblical, historical, legal and public policy information as well as standing in the gap for our nation.

Pastors wishing to launch a council in your city are urged to contact Executive Director Dave Welch at 832-688-9166 or by email to info@uspastorcouncil.org and we will assist you in the critical steps of developing a strong team to build from that will have the greatest potential to impact your city and state! You can also download our basic start up steps called “Mobilizing God’s Generals” to review prior to contacting us for further assistance.

What pastors say about HAPC/TXPC/USPC:


“… The HAPC is one of the unique organizations that enables us to confront, if necessary bad principles which adversely affect all people.”

~Dr. Melvin Johnson

“…I believe the HAPC is a key organization to helping understand and fight the current cultural war in America. They give keen insight, Biblical direction and practical suggestions and solutions to pray, speak and take action. HAPC gives me as a pastor and the congregation I represent a voice in the community that I would never have by standing alone.”

~Pastor James Clark

“…HAPC has been and is the instrument by which God has reached thousands of persons through the pastors and leaders of our communities by providing us with conferences, seminars, studies for reflection, vists to the center of our state government and other very special information…”

~Pastor A.D. Verastegui (Hispanic Ministers Against Crime, Houston, TX)

“This is my great blessings to join the Houston Area Pastor Council. Under the leadership of brother Dave my relationship with the Lord is closer, my life is richer, my vision is bigger, my ministries are stronger, my church is healthier and my Lord is glorified.”

~Pastor Peter Leong

“The HAPC is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when ‘brethren dwell together in unity.’ The organization includes Christian pastors of different denominational affiliations and different racial and ethnic backgrounds who are working together and living out the Lord’s mandate to be “salt and light” in the world…” 

~Pastor Ross Collins

“I just wanted to thank you again for the Pastor’s Day at the Capitol that I attended several months ago. It made a tremendous impact upon me and subsequently we have started a ministry in our church called “Citizens for Christ.” … I pray you will be blessed by knowing the impact your ministry has had on our local church. Thanks again.”

~Pastor Dave Roberts

“HAPC’s commitment to encourage pastors by allowing us the opportunity to use our time and energies more effectively by coming together in a unified voice to respond to the issues that affect our communities and our country has been such a blessing…”

~Pastor Scot Wall

“I have worked for 0ver 20 years to try and find a common ground to bring local pastors together with only limited success. U. S. Pastor Council has given us that vehicle. We are organized for the benefit of our city and to present one voice concerning city issues…”

~Pastor Howard Cameron (Trinity Church, Beaumont, TX)

“I believe that the Houston Area Pastor’s Council represents America’s best hope of stepping back from the edge of impending moral disintegration and experiencing moral renewal… My prayer is that HAPC will give birth to hundreds of Pastor Councils around the nation.”

~Dr. Rick Scarborough (President, Vision America)

I see (HAPC) as a “Watchman on the Wall” for our city. Our church was having difficulty with property tax issues. I called (HAPC) to see if they had any information or input that could help with what we were dealing with. They told me of other churches in our area that were having similar issues, and started working with us and the officials to help find the solution …HAPC is a blessing, and I would encourage all Pastors in the area to become a part of this important work.”