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Welcome to London: We can say we’re not afraid, light candles and make hearts of our hands but the truth is that we can’t go on like this

KATIE HOPKINS, The Daily Mail They stood in the centre of Brussels. Row on row. Hands held high, making hearts to the heavens. Showing the slaughtered they were not forgotten. Reminding themselves they were here with love. Looking to show humanity wins. That love conquers all. They lay in the centre of London, face down […]

School orders boy to “tolerate” undressing with girl and make it “natural”

Todd Starnes, Fox News A teenage boy was told by school leaders that he had to “tolerate” undressing in front of a female student and to make it as “natural” as possible, according to a blockbuster lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania federal district court. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by Alliance Defending Freedom and Independence Law […]

The Battle Begins!

Allan E. Parker, Jr., President of The Justice Foundation We had a tremendous showing at the Senate Education Hearing on SB 3. My rough estimate is that school choice supporters out-numbered opponents 2 to 1 in oral testimony.  About 250 witnesses testified including Brother Stanley Culotta of Holy Cross, Pastor Charles Flowers, Pastor Kyev Tatum, […]