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HB 2899 Emerges as House Version to Protect Privacy and Safety in Restrooms, Etc.

HB 2899 has emerged as the House version of SB 6, the Texas Privacy Act and its language has evolved since it was filed so we believe it important for our Pastors to be briefed on the essential differences.  The latest substitute version of now CSHB 2899 is significantly improved over the second draft although […]

Cohabitation: A Growing Problem – Part I

Mike McManus, Ethics & Religion Twice as many women now begin living with a man in cohabitation rather than in marriage, according to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Half of women began cohabiting compared to less than a quarter who married according to interviews with 12,224 women from 2006 to 2010. Cohabitation is […]

Texas moves closer to creating ‘bathroom bill’ similar to North Carolina’s

ESPN AUSTIN, Texas — Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for the first time Tuesday endorsed a “bathroom bill” and breathed new life into North Carolina-style efforts that businesses and LGBT rights groups hoped had stalled with time running out to sign them into law. Abbott’s sudden public support following months of silence is significant. By […]

Trump signs bill enabling states to defund PPFA

Tom Strode, Baptist Press WASHINGTON (BP) — President Trump signed legislation today (April 13) that once again enables states to withhold federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. Trump’s action overturned a rule issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in December, only five weeks before President Obama […]

Pastor’s Open Letter to President Trump: Don’t Forget Us

BOB ESCHLIMAN, Charisma News Monday, the Rev. C.J. Conner published the following open letter to President Donald Trump. In it, the pastor implores the president to do something meaningful to prevent the continued erosion of Christians’ First Amendment-protected rights in America. He also invoked the memory of broken promises made by one of his predecessors. […]

HB 2899, a House alternative to SB 6, scheduled for hearing!

By Rev. Dave Welch, President, Texas Pastor Council Action One of the bills filed early in the Texas legislative session to address the issue of the local “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity” ordinances like adopted in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and defeated in Houston, is HB 2899. Authored by long-time Texas but North Carolina raised, Rep. […]

United we stand, united we fall

Dr. Joel McDurmon, The American Vision United Airlines stands in the middle of a PR debacle over the forcible “re-accommodation” of a passenger this week. The poor man who refused to give up his seat was manhandled by airport police, bloodied, and dragged off the plane with all the care that the ground crew gives […]

Bullied, Blackmailed, Or Blessed?

Pastor Gerald Ripley, The Alamo Torch Nobody likes a bully or being bullied by a bully. Conventional wisdom suggests the most effective way to stop a bully is to stand up to him. When that happens the bully usually stops or moves on to some other target who doesn’t have the courage to stand his […]