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It’s Not Fake News: Predators Are Taking Advantage of Target’s Fitting Room Policy

Ashley McGuire, The Daily Signal In April 2016, retail giant Target waded into the raging national debate about whether bathrooms should be maintained as exclusively single-sex. In a post on its blog titled “Continuing to Stand for Inclusivity,” the company announced, “we felt it was important to state our position” that in Target stores “team […]

New Planned Parenthood Ad Campaign Seeks to Defend Abortion Giant’s Government Funding

Melanie Israel, The Daily Signal After spending over $30 million on the 2016 election, Planned Parenthood has a new project: a million-dollar ad campaign defending its government funding. The organization, which receives over half a billion dollars from taxpayers each year, stands to lose a significant portion of its government funding should Congress pass a […]

Disney Teaching Children to Embrace LGBT Sexual Lifestyles Has ‘Grave Consequences’: AFA

STOYAN ZAIMOV, CHRISTIAN POST The conservative American Family Association says Disney’s portrayal of gay characters is dangerous because it influences children and could have “grave and eternal consequences.” “It is not Disney’s place to assume the role of parents deciding when to confront children with alternative lifestyles. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for children […]

Evaluating and Clarifying SB 6

Senator Bob Hall Misinformation has led good people to make fun of the Legislature’s attempt to keep men out of women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. “Bathroom” jokes now abound. Unfortunately, this issue is not funny and it will have some very serious consequences for women and children if this legislation is not passed. There […]

Houston pastors “revive discussion” about Immigration Reform at Roundtable Summit

By Rev. Dave Welch At the initiation of Dr. Hernan Castano, senior pastor of Iglesias Rios de Aceite and Director of Hispanic Church Development for Texas Pastor Council, an initial roundtable summit for pastors to discuss re-escalating concerns about the immigration issue was held on March 15 at his church.  Over forty pastors representing a […]

Dr. Alveda King shares powerful testimony and calling for 100 No More!

Pastors and leaders from Houston attended the Houston Area Pastor Council special luncheon featuring Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a nationally respected speaker and author.  Dr. King gave a powerful personal testimony of her life experiences growing up in the heartbeat of the Civil Rights movement, the tragic losses […]

Pastor protests Texas bathroom bill because ‘God is transgender’

Tré Goins-Phillips, The Blaze One Texas pastor is opposing his state’s so-called bathroom bill, which would require individuals to use the restroom that coincides with their original, biological sex, because — in his view — “God is transgender.” During a protest Tuesday with hundreds of LGBT advocates, the Rev. S. David Wynn, senior pastor at […]

Kids These Days

Eric Metaxas, Breakpoint For years, we’ve been hearing that one side of the political aisle is on “the right side of history.” But history doesn’t seem to be cooperating. For at least a decade, Millennials have been stereotyped as lazy, entitled, and stuck on social media. While that may not be entirely fair, they are […]

Chaplains Fire Back After Secularists Demand Ban on Prayer at Military Ceremonies

SAMUEL SMITH, CHRISTIAN POST The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Freedom has responded to a secularist group’s demand that chaplains at a New Hampshire military base not be allowed to offer invocations at on-base events. On Feb. 6, a lawyer with the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Lt. Col. Thaddeus Day at […]