13th Annual PrayBeaumont Day and Prayer Drive

13th Annual



Sunday, September 27th 2015 is
PrayBeaumont Day by proclamation of the Beaumont City Council and Mayor Becky Ames.
PLEASE, on Sept. 27th Pray for Beaumont in your church service, and then join us as we surround our city in prayer.  Come and ride the Pastor’s Sun Travel luxury motor coach and invite your members to come and caravan behind the Pastor’s Bus.  Beaumont Police Department will provide a motor escort for the safety of the caravan.
Join the Prayer Drive: meet at the Entertainment Complex/ Amphitheater parking lot – we leave promptly at 3:30pm. We drive the entire 40 mile boundary of the city and return to the starting point in time for evening services at the respective churches.
Prayer guides will be furnished to each vehicle.
It is a day to pray for our city as never before in light of the very prophetic times in which we live.  You are needed. Beaumont needs you.
The Kingdom needs leaders today who will stand and lead.  Will you lead?
What can we accomplish for our Lord and for our city if we unite under the banner of His Kingdom?  Just imagaine.
Pastor Howard Cameron
for Beaumont Area Pastors Council