City of Beaumont Infringes on Religious Liberty by Banning Police Officers from Holding Bible Study

Beaumont Police officers and other Christians who work for the city have been banned from meeting on the BPD property to study the Bible. 4 officers have filed suit to be reinstated to their Constitutional rights as citizens. We have been asked to be there tomorrow.

This is really a showdown between the Beaumont City Attorney and the BPD. It looks to me like an attempt to get a foot in the door to ultimately try and limit Christian and other religious involvement in the public and City Hall arena. I have not talked yet with Mayor Ames, or the Council but based on their past actions in support of prayer etc. will not be for this action to ban Bible study. We do have a City Manager type government in Beaumont and as best I can tell at this point is that it is between the Manager, the Attorney and the BPD. I hope to see you at noon tomorrow if you can be there.

Let’s nip this thing in the bud, pastors.

For the King and Beaumont

Howard Cameron



Beaumont, TX-December 17, 2015

City of Beaumont Infringes on Religious Liberty by Banning Police Officers from Holding Bible Study

Police Officers and their attorney will have press availability with the local media at 12:00 noon, Friday, December 18th, following the delivery of their Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act pre-suit notice letter to the City of Beaumont.

For years, Sargeant Burt Moore, Officer Tony Harding, Detective Anthony Goudeau, and Sargeant Barry Scarborough of the Beaumont Police department have along with other City employees held a voluntary bible study at the Beaumont police station during their lunch hour. “No one has ever complained,” said Sgt. Burt Moore, a co-founder of the Bible study known as the Faith and Fellowship Bible Study. We have officers and other city employees from a variety of ethnicities and faith backgrounds that attend. I feel like the City is unfairly targeting us,” continued Sgt. Burt Moore.

The Attorney for the four Beaumont Police Officers said, “My Clients’ sincere religious beliefs and convictions have been violated by the City of Beaumont’s demand to stop holding a voluntary bible study during their lunch hour at the police station. A Texas town is the last place we thought would impose on the religious rights of its citizenry, much less oppress the police officers who place their lives on the line every day to serve and protect us. We intend to show the City this is one thin blue line they cannot cross.”

“Today we are giving the City pre-litigation notice as required by the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act that its actions substantially burden my Clients’ sincerely-held religious beliefs. There is no justifiable reason for the City to have taken this course of action against its Police Officers,” explained attorney Briscoe Cain.

WHAT: Press Conference

WHEN: 12:00 pm, noon, December 18, 2015

WHERE: Beaumont Police Department, 255 College St, Beaumont, TX 77701

Front entrance facing College St. Near the Flag poles and Officer memorial

Google Map link to Location:

CONTACT: Attorney Briscoe Cain, tel: 832-647-5117, email: