Upcoming Events for BAPC

August 25 BAPC August Luncheon @ Habanero Grill
August 30 TRINITY CHURCH 34th Anniversary: Adventure Kingdom-Friends and family etc. welcome
Sept. 3 BAPC Stand with Israel Luncheon w/ Rev. Lydon Allen, CUFI National Rep. @ Habanero Grill
Sept. 4 BAPC Stand with Israel Service @ Trinity Church w/ Rev. Lydon Allen, CUFI Natl. Rep.
Sept. 22 BAPC September Luncheon @ Habanero Grill
Sept. 22 BAPC/Prayer Drive Proclamation at City Hall
Sept. 27 BAPC PrayBeaumont Day Prayer Drive
Sept. 28 4th Blood Moon/Feast of Tabernacles begins in Israel