Report: Genital Reconstructive Surgeon Receives Dozens of Requests for Transgender Reversal Operations

CHARLIE NASH, BREITBART NEWS NETWORK A genital reconstructive surgeon who specializes in transgender reversal operations has received dozens of requests for operations, according to a report. The Telegraph interviewed Professor Miroslav Djordjevic in an article titled, “Sex change regret: Gender reversal surgery is on the rise, so why aren’t we talking about it?” on Sunday, […]

After Last Week’s Controversy, This NFL Team is Putting Prayer Above Protest

AUTHOR UNKNOWN, CBN NEWS As professional football teams across the country struggle to find a way out of the crisis that’s rocking the NFL at least one team has decided to start with prayer. The Jacksonville Jaguars announced Saturday that the team will kneel in prayer before the National Anthem and then stand in honor […]

Judge Rules Kentucky Ultrasound Requirement ‘Harms Psychological Well-Being’ of Abortive Mothers

HEATHER CLARK, CHRISTIAN NEWS NETWORK A federal judge has struck down a Kentucky law that requires women to obtain an ultrasound prior to an abortion, asserting that mandating mothers to look at the children that they are about to kill “appears to inflict psychological harm on abortion patients.” “Requiring physicians to force upon their patients the information […]

Moore’s win conjures 2018 nightmare — for both parties

ELIANA JOHNSON, POLITICO Roy Moore’s win in Alabama’s Senate primary has raised the specter of a nightmare scenario for Democrats and Republicans: The GOP picks up a handful of seats next year, padding its Senate majority, but with candidates like Moore, who buck party leadership as often as they fall in line. The Alabama race […]

Pastors’ Declaration on Border Security and Immigration Reform

Preamble In the course of our history as a nation, challenges and crisis moments have arisen that required principled leadership and the laying aside of partisan politics.  Such is the need before us in our day regarding the escalating illegal immigration crisis and the security of our national borders. It is clear and evident that […]