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The story of biological male sexual predators who used nondiscrimination laws protecting gender identity to sexually assault women.

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  • Christopher Hambrook pretended to be transgender to gain access to two different women’s shelters… (link to full story)
  • Noel Crompton Hall is a prisoner in an Australian prison. He was sentenced to 22 years… (link to full story)

The story of known sexual predators who assaulted women and girls, but now claim to be transgender and want access to the women’s facilities.

  • Paul Witherspoon is a biological male who was convicted in 1990 for sexually assaulting one teenage girl… (link to full story)
  • Matthew Harks, claimed that he had victimized some 60 girls and committed some 200 offenses with them… (link to full story)
  • Richard J. Masbruch today identifies as transgendered. But in 1991, Masbruch brutally attacked the female manager… (link to full story)

The numerous stories of biological males, identifying as female and/or preferring to wear female clothing, who have sexually assaulted women and girls or otherwise sexually victimized them.

  • Austin Christopher Wikels is a cross-dresser who was accused of taking part in the sexual assault of a woman in her 20s… (link to full story)
  • Paul Williams is a cross-dresser who is on probation stemming from a plot to sexually assault a woman in 2006… (link to full story)
  • Dana McCallum, who identifies as a transgender woman and is transitioning to female, was arrested and charged with raping his wife… (link to full story)
  • Christopher Todd Gard is a cross-dresser who assaulted an 8 year old girl inside a bathroom at a convenience store… (link to full story)
  • Richard Boule is a transvestite who is accused of groping an 18 year old woman at a gas station… (link to full story)
  • Carl Dahn was arrested in August 2013 by police for computer child pornography and internet stalking of a child… (link to full story)
  • Tyler Holder is a cross-dressing biological teenage male who abducted, raped, and murdered a six year old girl… (link to full story)
  • Donald Stuart was arrested in Effingham, Illinois, in May 2013 for child pornography… (link to full story)
  • Sean Gossman is a biological male who considers himself a transgendered woman who showed up in court for his arraignment on child pornography charges dressed in feminine attire complete with a wig, makeup, stuffed bra, and halter top… (link to full story)
  • Carlos Guillermo Suarez Diaz for sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl… (link to full story)
  • Gavin Scott is a cross-dressing Australian who, in January 2013, sexually assaulted three female workers in clothing stores… (link to full story)
  • Dean Williams, a biological male who claims to be female, was accused in 2012 of luring a woman into a sex dungeon, pinning her down on a bed, and raping her… (link to full story)
  • Mark Lazarus has been described as “an extremely dangerous crossdressing sex attacker”… (link to full story)
  • Aaron L. LaGrand posed as a woman for several years while gaining the trust of a Lisbon, Ohio family. Believing Aaron to be a woman, the parents invited him into their home to care for their four young children, ages 6 to 13. He used this opportunity to molest them…. (link to full story)
  • In 2012, Steven Shepard, who identifies as a cross-dresser, attacked a woman in her apartment complex laundry room in Altamonte Springs,
    Florida, and tried to rape her…. (link to full story)
  • Javier Cortez was arrested for raping and abusing a young girl in Temecula, California, for more than a decade…. (link to full story)
  • Cross-dressing Russell Williams, a highly decorated Canadian Air Force colonel, was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for 88 sex crimes… (link to full story)
  • In Canberra, Australia, a biological male wearing a blond shoulder-length wig, dress, bra, and high heels approached a 14 year old girl and tried to remove her clothing…. (link to full story)
  • Cross-dresser Gavin Boyd, who calls himself “Joyce,” was convicted in Scotland of murdering 20 year old Vikki McGrand…. (link to full story)
  • Gordon Murray Waite, a cross-dresser, was convicted in 2010 of raping a woman in Rotorua, New Zealand…. (link to full story)
  • Cross-dresser Phillip John Ortega was arrested for exposing himself to a woman…. (link to full story)
  • The English prisoner, known only as “A,” is serving a life sentence for the manslaughter of his boyfriend and the attempted rape of a woman…. (link to full story)
  • Wesley Francis Cox, of Boulder, Colorado, is a transvestite voyeur and was arrested in 2008 after he was caught peeping at, and videotaping, a Boulder couple having sexual intercourse inside their home…. (link to full story)
  • A petite 24 year old woman got out of her shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and sat down on her bed and became aware that a man was standing in her closet looking at her…. (link to full story)
  • In 2006, Joseph Greenquist allegedly broke into college women’s apartments on the University of New Hampshire campus…. (link to full story)
  • Marcus Hance was a 32 year old cross-dresser when, in 2000, he assembled a “rape kit” to help him subdue and rape a 21 year old female student…. (link to full story)
  • In 1984, a male transvestite prisoner in a prison in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, allegedly raped a female prisoner while she was taking a shower…. (link to full story)

In addition to sexual violence, some men wearing women’s clothing have murdered and physically assaulted women.

  • Police in Hawaii believe that Vernon Baker, a transgender, transvestite, or cross-dressing man, may have murdered Mary Beth San Juan in 2013. … (link to full story)
  • In December 2012, John Maatsch, a Fort Myers, Florida man, broke into a Tracey Marazzi’s home and began stabbing her as she slept…. (link to full story)
  • In November 2012, transvestite or cross-dresser Kristopher Lawless was charged in Bakersfield, California, with attempted murder and torture, among other things… (link to full story)

Stories of biological male voyeurs who dressed as women to gain access to women’s facilities, where they leered at, photographed, and/or videotaped
unsuspecting women and girls.

  • Jason Pomare pretended to be transgender to gain access to women’s bathrooms and record hours of video of women and girls using the toilet… (link to full story)
  • Rodney Kenneth Petersen was arrested for dressing as a woman to enter a woman’s dormitory… (link to full story)
  • Taylor J. Buehler was arrested in Everett, Washington for voyeurism… (link to full story)
  • Joel Hardman, disguised himself with a women’s rubber mask and wig in order to gain access to women’s restrooms… (link to full story)
  • Transgender Thomas Lee Benson, a convicted sex offender dressed as a woman so he could go into the women’s locker room at a swimming pool… (link to full story)
  • A man dressed as a woman was spotted peeping at women and photographing them in a UC Berkeley locker room… (link to full story)
  • Eichi Yamamoto of Matsuyama, Japan, was charged with dressing as a woman so he could enter public bath houses in order to see naked women… (link to full story)

Stories of biological males wearing women’s clothing exposing themselves to women and girls.

  • A high school swim team was subjected to a 45 year old biological male who identifies as a transgender woman sprawling naked in their locker room, exposing his genitals to them… (link to full story)
  • A man who dresses in high heels, stockings, and women’s underwear exposed himself at least 11 times in Leicester, Great Britain… (link to full story)
  • A man dressed as a woman approached several children playing near their apartment complex in Thousand Oaks, California… (link to full story)
  • Norwood Smith Burnes of Rome, Georgia, wore a short skirt and jacket, thong underwear, and high heels to Walmart… (link to full story)

Sexuality and Gender

Download paper:
Findings from the Biological,
Psychological, and Social Sciences
Lawrence S. Mayer, M.B., M.S., Ph.D. and Paul R. McHugh, M.D. (2016)

The following legislators have confirmed their support for SB 6, the Texas Privacy Act, via email, signing on to a letter, or confirmation by phone either directly with the Representative or a staff member.
(NOTE: This list will be updated regularly as additional confirmations are received):

Dist First Last Party   Dist First Last Party
56 Charles Anderson (R) 16 Will Metcalf (R)
3 Cecil Bell (R) 26 Rick Miller (R)
73 Kyle Biedermann (R) 130 Tom Oliverson (R)
138 Dwayne Bohac (R) 129 Dennis Paul (R)
58 DeWayne Burns (R) 115 Matt Rinaldi (R)
128 Briscoe Cain (R) 126 Kevin Roberts (R)
7 Jay Dean (R) 70 Scott Sanford (R)
135 Gary Elkins (R) 6 Matt Schaefer (R)
23 Wayne Faircloth (R) 132 Mike Schofield (R)
106 Pat Fallon (R) 66 Matt Shaheen (R)
2 Dan Flynn (R) 65 Ron Simmons (R)
5 Cole Hefner (R) 85 Phil Stephenson (R)
15 Mark Keough (R) 92 Jonathan Stickland (R)
91 Stephanie Klick (R) 64 Lynn Stucky (R)
93 Matt Krause (R) 150 Valoree Swanson (R)
60 Mike Lang (R) 29 Ed Thompson (R)
89 Jodie Laubenberg (R) 94 Tony Tinderholt (R)
67 Jeff Leach (R) 19 James White (R)
43 J.M. Lozano (R) 96 William Zedler (R)


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