San Antonio Black, White & Brown Immediate Action Strategic Summit

August 31, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Faith Outreach Center Int'l
3806 Sunshine Ranch Rd
San Antonio, TX 78228

A Special Invitation from Pastor Charles Flowers

Immediate Action Strategic Summit
August 31st – 7pm

As had been foretold, in the face of the “failed attempt” of the State Government to pass strong Privacy Protection Laws; Cities and School Districts would begin to aggressively implement policies and procedures that would promote immoral, “politically correct” agendas. They have wasted no time in doing so! Make no mistake about it, these forces will not relent until our schools, businesses and churches are complicit to their every demand.

The first action has been taken by the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD). In the attached article of the SA Current, the SAISD has added language to their “Discrimination Protection Policy” which has made our daughters, granddaughters and ALL children vulnerable to being violated in their most private places; showers, locker rooms and bathrooms.

See SA Current’s Article:

If our Christian young people, parents and Pastoral Leadership remain silent, unresponsive and unconcerned about this bullying tactic being foisted upon our children by the SAISD School Board, we will have done a great disservice to our children, grandchildren and to our San Antonio Community at large.

We must TAKE A STAND and CONTINUE TO STAND until it is clearly understood by those in authority that we will not accept or concede to this vicious attack against our children.

The article states that Robert Salcido, Field Organizer for Equality Texas, says that the next step is getting ALL LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS on board with this language. He hopes SAISD can become an “Anti-Discrimination Model” for other Districts to emulate.

Our Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, said in the same article, “It is certainly a welcome message for compassion from an entity targeted by discriminatory priorities from the State”. He went on to say, “The younger generation gets it”.

These types of statements coming from our City and Educational Officials are greatly “out of step” with the vast majority of citizens and voters in our San Antonio Community.

SABWB request that you give your immediate attention and action to stop this egregious movement. An Immediate Action Strategy Summit will be held at:

Faith Outreach Center Int’l
3806 Sunshine Ranch Road 78228

Date/ Time:
Thursday, August 31st at 7pm

I would hope that I do not have to reiterate how extremely important this Summit is. If you are a concerned student, parent, teacher, community activist or you are in Pastoral Leadership, please make it a TOP PRIORITY to participate in this Summit.

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