San Antonio in Black, White and Brown Immediate Action prayer Summit

April 7, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Faith Outreach Center, Int’l on
3806 Sunshine Ranch Rd
San Antonio, TX 78228

I am asking that you would please join me at the San Antonio in Black, White and Brown “Immediate Action Prayer Summit” which will be held this weekend.

Friday, April 7th (7pm-8:30pm) & Saturday, April 8th (10am – 3pm)

Faith Outreach Center, Int’l on
3806 Sunshine Ranch Road, SA, TX 78228

Our City is at a major crossroads and we must earnestly seek the aide of Heaven. The voice of “the Church” needs to come forth once again! It will take the entire Body of Christ (Black, White and Brown) to lift our voices together in prayer to God and move in unity to Advance the Kingdom of God.

Please note that we are not beholden to any personality or political party. We are interested in Advancing the Kingdom of God!

First, I know that you want to know more about how you can help to enforce the safety of our little girls, women, wives, mothers and granddaughters. Unfortunately, our society has lost all bearings when we begin to allow men to enter into women’s restrooms, simply by them saying that they identify as a female. In such a case, not even the police are able to prevent them from entering if Senate Bill 6 (SB6-The Bathroom Bill) does not pass. This Bill is critical to the safety of all women! This discussion and strategizing session will take place on Saturday morning at 10am, with a time for questions and answers!

Please come out to hear Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Senator Donna Campbell who will be in attendance and “believes in” the importance of this vital Bill and its passage!

We will provide everyone with a FREE LUNCH from 12pm – 1pm. (Registration is Strongly Requested)

Secondly, I know that you will agree that every child should have the right to a quality education, no matter what side of the tracks they happen to reside. Senate Bill 3 (SB3 -School Choice) will allow for every child to receive a quality education with its passage. Atty. Allan Parker with the Justice Foundation will give special insight and information into the School Choice issue.

Please be sure to invite and / or bring with you every person who believes in the importance of these two vital issues! If you cannot attend, would you please send one of your key representatives who will relay to you the important information that they will receive?

You can register right now at for this FREE event; seating is limited!

I’m asking that you will join me on Friday, April 7th (from 7-8:30pm) as we come together to unite in prayer and then resume on Saturday, April 8th for the Senate Bill 3-School Choice and Senate Bill 6-Bathroom Bill discussions.

We (The Church) Must Arise!! I look forward to seeing you this coming weekend!!!

Pastor Charles E. Flowers
Senior Pastor Faith Outreach Center, Int’l