Maximizing Voter Turnout In Your Church

OVERVIEW: Every American Christian who is eligible to vote does so:

a) By one’s absence; Failing to vote and allowing elected officials to be chosen by those who do not share the same values, or

b) Thoughtlessly; By voting out of ignorance or self-serving motivation, or

c) By becoming informed; Studying candidates’ positions on key issues, praying and casting a knowledgeable vote for candidates who most closely conform to Biblical principles of character and the vital issues of the day.

Most pastors would agree that options A and B are poor stewardship and have led to ungodly, unjust and corrupt leaders being chosen, resulting in unrighteous government. It is still an accepted statistic that less than one out of three churchgoing citizens vote in each election, a fact of which we should be ashamed.

The first step we recommend is for the Pastor to appoint a permanent Citizenship Ministry coordinator for this ministry as described in Christian Citizenship 101, request by emailing or by calling the HAPC office at 832-688-9166.

“Every Christian Votes” Plan –

Note: All activities are non-partisan, non-issues specific and fully compliant with all IRS guidelines f or churches with 501 (c)(3) non-profit status*. For any questions regarding those guidelines you can go to or call 832-688-9166.

  1. Sunday, September 4 through Sunday, October 2 – include announcements from the pulpit, on projection screens, in church bulletins and using posters to promote voter registration. Also, set up a voter registration table with voter registration cards and other relevant information to encourage voter registration before the October 11th deadline.
  2. Sunday, October 2 through Sunday, November 6 – include announcements from the pulpit, on projection screens, in church bulletins and using posters to begin awareness of upcoming election. Place special emphasis on the convenience of early voting. (materials available) Also, set up a voter awareness table to be staffed by the Community Impact Ministry team to provide early voting information (e.g. begins October 24th and ends November 4th), voting locations and voter guides. (Information is available through the HAPC office)
  3. Sunday, October 2 – Participate in Pulpit Freedom Sunday* by preaching an election sermon emphasizing the sacred trust we carry in choosing leaders for civil government to represent us and govern under the authority of God.
  4. Week of October 10-15 – Mail an Early Voting reminder post card, email or text to every household in the church’s local roster. (Sample post card available)
  5. Sunday, November 6 – Preach an “Election Sermon” as done by preceding generations of pastors, giving Scriptural and Historical basis for choosing godly leaders. (Sample sermon notes and audio tapes available)
  6. Monday, November 7 and Tuesday, November 8 – Send a broadcast e-mail and/or text broadcast to church list with a special Get-Out-The-Vote message by the Senior Pastor and links to non-partisan voter education information. (Sample Text-based and HTML format messages available) Also, Initiate automated phone calls with a Get-Out-The-Vote script recorded by the Senior Pastor, calling through the entire church list prior to Election Day. (Sample script and automated calling support available)

*- Pulpit Freedom Sunday is a project of Alliance Defense Fund to challenge the unconstitutional restrictions on religious speech in pulpits by the existing IRS guidelines.

General Election Dates 2016:

Last Day to Register to Vote:

Early Voting Begins:

Early Voting Ends:

General Election:

October 11, 2016

October 24, 2016

November 4, 2016

November 8, 2016