Dr. Alveda King shares powerful testimony and calling for 100 No More!

Pastors and leaders from Houston attended the Houston Area Pastor Council special luncheon featuring Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a nationally respected speaker and author.  Dr. King gave a powerful personal testimony of her life experiences growing up in the heartbeat of the Civil Rights movement, the tragic losses of her father and uncle and eventually surrendering to Jesus Christ.  Her experience of being encouraged to have an abortion led her to become one of the nation’s most passionate advocates for the rights of the unborn and in particular how Planned Parenthood has targeted the Black and other ethnic minority communities with abortion and birth control services.

Dr. King also showed several and very powerful one minute videos produced to bring this message of Planned Parenthood’s evil agenda more effectively to the younger Black community.

Also on the program was Caroline Aderholt, chief of staff for Concerned Women for America in Washington D.C. and wife of Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt.  She shared about CWA’s #100NoMore campaign to expose the racist genocide of Planned Parenthood and rally support to eliminate any federal funding for the largest abortion perpetrator in America.

Many Black pastors from around the city attended the luncheon that was co-sponsored by Concerned Women for America and Texas Right to Life, and graciously hosted by Pastor Mike Pender with his Fallbrook Church team at their beautiful campus in north Harris County.  Pastors were provided numerous resources including a DVD of “Maafa 21”, a compelling documentary that gives a detailed account of the direct linkage from Darwinian evolution to the birth of racial eugenics to the launch of Planned Parenthood.

TXPC president Dave Welch also discussed the status of SB 6, the Texas Privacy Act, and the needed action by pastors on rallying support for the vital bill (SB 6 passed out of the state Senate on Wednesday with a 21-10 vote and now goes to the House for consideration.)