After Last Week’s Controversy, This NFL Team is Putting Prayer Above Protest


As professional football teams across the country struggle to find a way out of the crisis that’s rocking the NFL at least one team has decided to start with prayer.

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced Saturday that the team will kneel in prayer before the National Anthem and then stand in honor of the nation’s flag while the anthem is sung.

The players announced they “will kneel to pray for change, progress and equality for everyone” and invited fans to join with them. “The Jacksonville Jaguars will then stand together, as a team, tomorrow and going forward, to honor our flag and our national anthem.”

The anthem, long an exhibition of national pride and unity, has become a point of division as some players began kneeling in protest of racial inequality in America. The small, slow-growing protest exploded on football fields nationwide last week after President Trump used profanity to describe the protestors and said they should be fired.

Last week, the Jaguars sparked controversy when some team members knelt and others locked arms during the anthem before a game played at Wembley Stadium in England.