Bullied, Blackmailed, Or Blessed?

Pastor Gerald Ripley, The Alamo Torch

Nobody likes a bully or being bullied by a bully. Conventional wisdom suggests the most effective way to stop a bully is to stand up to him. When that happens the bully usually stops or moves on to some other target who doesn’t have the courage to stand his ground. Tragic outcomes are occurring in our society today when bullying is allowed to continue unchecked and unopposed.

Does it occur to you as it does to me that the powers that be in the NCAA, the NFL and the NBA are “bullies” in our nation today? They are intimidating cities and states with economic blackmail if those cities or states won’t let men dressed like women be permitted to go into the same bathrooms that our little daughters and granddaughters use.

Many mayors, governors, and state legislators capitulate to such intimidation. They reason: “We can’t afford to say ‘no’. That’s too much money to lose.” Money trumps morality.

It’s not unlike the story of the stranger who approached an attractive lady and asked “Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?” She thought and replied, “Well, I guess I would for a million dollars.” He continued, “Would you have sex with me for twenty dollars?” She haughtily responded, “What do you think I am, a prostitute?” He opined, “We already settled that. Now we’re haggling over price.”

When a governing entity capitulates to “Bathroom” demands, that entity is prostituting itself. What is the threshold for economic blackmail? If the perceived economic impact was a thousand dollars or ten thousand or fifty, would the governing entity kowtow to the demand? Unlikely. But a million dollars or fourteen million? That’s another story. Somewhere in between is the level at which money trumps morality.