Special Op Ed by Hood County Pastor Council

This is the second part of a two-part series on a topic of great importance to this community. Elections are coming in November and two School Board Trustees are up for re-election. The trustees are all good people with the very best of intentions. But some of their policies would probably not be endorsed by the majority of voters in our community if we were all fully knowledgeable as to what they actually stand for. They try really hard to convince us that they’re non-partisan Conservative folks but their policies usually agree with Liberal agendas in other parts of our state and around the country.

Who are they? The Granbury Independent School District (GISD) is overseen by a School Board consisting of seven individuals who are elected at large for three year terms. They don’t get paid anything but they’re VERY committed to protecting and advancing their agenda. Their conduct is subject to certain State oversight established by law which some of the School Board folks continually complain about. Our local School Board DOES have the following particularly significant powers though:

Deciding on the content of the school curriculum
Administration and allocation of school taxes
Oversight of the annual GISD operating budget
Oversight of school Facilities
Employment of the GISD School Superintendent
Employment of the GISD professional staff

Consider further for a moment that GISD operating costs are paid out of our ever increasing tax payments and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you sure you agree with how your taxes are being used?
  • Has it occurred to you that the values and principles of life encouraged by the current public school system are NOT in line with the Christian values treasured by the majority of people who pay taxes in this community?
  • Does it bother you that the Superintendent and certain members of the local School Board have publicly mocked Creationism and are working as fast as they can to remove the last vestiges of biblical influence from the school curriculum?
  • Do you approve of how your taxes are being used to pressure the values and minds of our children to agree with non-traditional, secular political correctness in place of eternal biblical correctness?

Perhaps a lot of folks haven’t paid enough attention to what the GISD School Board actually does. If nobody says anything, they will just continue plowing ahead with an operating philosophy that’s increasingly contrary to the values of most people in this community. It’s time to find out whether or not we agree with the job the School Board has been doing. If we’re not in agreement, there are some options we clearly
need to consider:

  • We can demand that members of the School Board be more sensitive to the values of the great majority in this community if they want to continue to hold office.
  • We can also ask God to raise up people in this community who identify with biblical values and are willing to run for office to replace those on the School Board who insist on promoting a Liberal agenda.

The purpose of these articles has been to raise awareness because there’s a really good possibility that we need some NEW people on the School Board! We need some folks who are really passionate and truthful about protecting traditional conservative values and ways of doing things. We need some people who are willing to think outside the box instead of being limited to a monopolistic archaic operating model
that has already proven itself inefficient and out of touch with our community. And, we need some people who will seriously consider new ideas that would produce the very best school system possible without regard for a pre-set liberal political agenda.

America is a country where we celebrate freedom like no other country in history. Why now are we forced to have only one model that gets to use our tax money for educating our children? You won’t find that in the Constitution anywhere. And as a matter of fact, this country has thrived historically on competition and variety and creativity particularly when they involved biblical principles of family and life. But, the School Superintendent and certain School Board members are doing their best to remove the last vestiges of Creationism and bible influence from our local schools. Is that what the great majority of folks in this community actually want for their public schools?

If you would like to consider running for one of the two School Board positions to be contested in November, you will need to file your election documents by August 21. There are people living in this community that God has called to perform this service for our children in a way that puts the Kingdom of God as first priority. If that’s you, we need for you to answer your call. And, if you need assistance, please feel free to contact the Hood County Pastor Council.