Faith leaders in disagreement over SB 6 ‘bathroom bill’

Melanie Torre, CBS Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — A protest is planned outside of a central Austin Church where lawmakers and pastors will discuss controversial SB 6– commonly referred to as the “bathroom bill.”

There’s a passionate debate over whether this proposed law is about public safety or discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

At Speedway and 40th Streets in Hyde Park, you’ll find churches on opposite sides of the road and the debate.

Thursday, Hyde Park Baptist Church is hosting the Texas Pastor Policy Summit. At the summit, state leaders, lawmakers and pastors will talk about priorities this legislative session— including SB 6. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is expected to give what supporters are calling a “policy briefing.”

The executive director of the Texas Pastors Council, Dave Welch, says he doesn’t think this bill is about transgender people. He says as cities across the state create their own ordinances similar to SB 6 it’s time everyone gets on the same page.

“We have to have statewide uniformity in some fundamental things and the protection of our women and children and the privacy of our restrooms, showers and locker rooms is one of those,” says Welch.