HB 2899, a House alternative to SB 6, scheduled for hearing!

By Rev. Dave Welch, President, Texas Pastor Council Action

One of the bills filed early in the Texas legislative session to address the issue of the local “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity” ordinances like adopted in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and defeated in Houston, is HB 2899. Authored by long-time Texas but North Carolina raised, Rep. Ron Simmons (Grand Prairie), he had followed the issue in both places carefully and felt we needed a solution in the legislature this year.

We agree!

HB 2899 simply prohibits all political subdivisions including cities, counties and school districts from adopting any ordinances that “protect…”, “reduce or expand” discrimination protections at the local level. This would address the “patchwork” of differing language, scope, definitions and penalties from city to city, ISD to ISD that has started and is inevitable without a uniform state standard.

Texas Pastor Council Action has requested a full analysis of HB 2899 from our legal experts who have given us very sound counsel on this issue for a number of years, so we can determine if HB 2899 will adequately and effectively stop the flow of these insane ordinances that annihilate the definitions and distinctions of sex/gender.

HB 2899 has been scheduled for a public hearing on April 19 in the House State Affairs Committee chaired by Byron Cook and our pastors will be represented in testimony to assure we put key information into public record for the committee members and all representatives to consider.