James 1:27 Pastor’s Mini Conference

Ashley Smalls, LMSW

Dear Greater Houston  Pastors and Church Leaders:

KSBJ radio, Orphan Care Solutions of Texas and Houston Area Pastor Council are inviting pastors to come learn more about the 2017 Orphan Sunday “Until All Children Have a Home” initiative.  We have become partners with Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, as well as dozens of foster care agencies and non-profits to intensify The Church’s efforts to follow God’s heart to care for our community’s fatherless/orphans in foster care.  As you may know, Texas’ foster care system is broken.  No surprise, as the government was never intended to care for His children, it is The Church’s responsibility.  Question is … what exactly does that look like?

We are ready and excited about what we know God is about to do … are you ready to say “yes” to God’s call for The Church to unite for such a time as this?!

Please come out on October 12 or 13 to learn more about how your ministry can get involved to help children in foster care in the Greater Houston area. Not everyone is called to be a foster/adoptive parent, but we are all called to do something.

WE ARE SO EXCITED to see 2018 be a year of hope and healing, for His fame and glory!

WE HOPE YOU WILL REGISTER AND ATTEND ONE OF THE TWO PASTOR’s MINI-CONFERENCES ON THE INVITATION!!  http://www.orphancaresolutions.com/james-127-pastors-conference.html THE EVENT IS FREE!