Kill the Child, Spare It No Pain — Cold ‘Justice’ in Texas


Pro-life legislators in Texas are arguing for unborn children to be lethally injected with poison, and even that isn’t enough for U.S. courts and the pro-abortion-rights movement.

Do pro-life Texans want unborn children to be poisoned? Of course not. But in Texas, these legislators are attempting to enshrine in law their conviction that, if unborn children must be killed in abortions, they deserve to be spared as much pain as possible. These unborn children, Texas lawmakers believe, do not deserve to be ripped apart in the womb by metal utensils as their hearts are still beating within them.

But killing these children prior to dismemberment is apparently too merciful for courts that protect “reproductive rights” at any cost and for the abortion-rights advocates who grow more zealous by the day. Women’s rights demand, we are told, the unlimited ability to dismember living, unborn children between 13 and 24 weeks’ gestation. And in Texas, despite legislators’ efforts to prevent the practice, those children will continue to be dismembered alive, as the result of a recent decision by federal judge Lee Yeakel.

Yeakel ruled just last week that, because the Supreme Court decreed in 1973 that the United States Constitution grants women the right to an abortion, attempts to mitigate that right of hers in any way are necessarily unconstitutional.