Maryland city to allow non-citizens to vote…again

Robert Knight, American Thinker

If you want to know where the progressive left wants to take U.S. elections, a trip through Maryland’s Washington, D.C.-area suburban counties is instructive.

The City of College Park in Prince George’s County is on the verge of becoming the ninth city in Maryland to allow non-citizens – including illegal aliens – to vote in municipal elections.

In a revealing 20-minute video of a June 7 council meeting, city officials discussed how best to get rid of the citizenship requirement so that virtually anyone of legal age living in the city can vote. A council vote is slated for August 8.

One councilwoman noted that in the hippie community of Takoma Park (modifier added), where 16-year-olds can vote, “they do not ask and do not care if the resident is in their city legally or not,” a policy she indicated should be adopted by College Park.

One lone College Park council member opined that immigration status should be a factor and that the council could serve all residents without letting unqualified residents vote.

Because elections loom in November, the council discussed creating a separate deadline for citizens and non-citizens to register before the election. Citizens must register 28 days ahead of an election. But non-citizens can register up to 14 days before the election if the city charter amendment is approved.