Missouri City Refuses to Remove Cross From Public Park, Despite Atheist Group’s Demands


A city in Missouri has rejected the demands of a Wisconsin-based atheist organization to remove a cross from a public park that has been there since 1930.

The city of Neosho released a statement on May 26 responding to a letter of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, saying that they plan to keep a cross on display at Big Spring Park.

“It is the position of the city council that the correspondence forwarded by this organization was deficient in identifying authoritative case law within the 8th Circuit and is further of the opinion that, in fact, controlling case law would support the continued presence of the cross within the park,” reads the statement.

“Therefore, it is the unanimous opinion of the city council that the city of Neosho will not remove the cross or take any other actions which in any way compromises the long standing history of our city.”

Posted to Facebook on Friday, the city’s rejection of FFRF’s demand has gotten as of Tuesday afternoon around 2,200 likes and over 600 loves.

It also got hundreds of comments, with many expressing support for the decision to keep the cross on public property while others warned that the FFRF often wins their lawsuits.