Newt Gingrich: Left-wing education cheats children


Headlines about left-wing college students engaging in radical, sometimes racially charged protests are becoming all too common.

In October 2016, students at University of California, Berkeley created a human chain in an attempt to block white students from going to class.

This past May, students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington demanded – in the name of racial equity – that white students stay home from school for a day. These students shouted down faculty who disagreed with them, and the dispute led to multiple protests that eventually forced the college to hold its commencement ceremony 30 miles away from campus.

These stories are outrageous, but unfortunately, nothing new. Universities have been a hotbed for left-wing activism for decades. In fact, Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California in 1966 promising to crack down on the rioting and radicalism at Berkeley.

This sudden decline in performance is what happens when educators think it is their job to impose their political views on students.
A recent story out of Minnesota, however, suggests that the left is now bringing this same radicalism to K-12 public education, and the ones suffering are the young students, who are in their most impressionable years.