Pastor’s Open Letter to President Trump: Don’t Forget Us

BOB ESCHLIMAN, Charisma News

Monday, the Rev. C.J. Conner published the following open letter to President Donald Trump.

In it, the pastor implores the president to do something meaningful to prevent the continued erosion of Christians’ First Amendment-protected rights in America. He also invoked the memory of broken promises made by one of his predecessors.

The following is Conner’s entire letter, as published:

Dear President Trump,

Happy Easter.

I thank God every day that you are my president. Tens of thousands of other pastors do too.

Thousands of us have sacrificed our standing in our denominations. Some have been fired from our congregations for supporting you. We have suffered in many ways, but our families have suffered the most.

We have sacrificed for you, Mr. President. We sacrificed gladly because the future of not just America, but the future of Western Civilization hangs in the balance.

In 1980, President Reagan aggressively courted pastors for support and the support of Christian voters. He promised to end the scourge of National Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills. He didn’t. After eight years of delivering the Christian vote to uphold the value and protection of all human life in every stage and circumstance we had nothing to show for it. Reagan failed us.

In your speech to the joint session of Congress, you passionately said that “Education is the civil rights issue of our time.”

Mr. President, all the greatest universities and colleges throughout the United States were started by the most faithful pastors of their times, most unknown to us today.