Peeping Tom Caught Taking Photos of Women in Target Dressing Room

SAMUEL SMITH, Christian Post


A “peeping Tom” was recently caught taking pictures of women undressing in a dressing room at a Target store in Tennessee.

Local news channel WBIR 10 reports that Leigh Hamby was changing in the women’s dressing room at the Target in West Knoxville around 7:45 p.m. last Wednesday when she noticed something odd.

“I was trying on something and I looked in the mirror and saw something under my door and when I looked I didn’t know what it was and then it moved,” Hamby told the news outlet, adding that she quickly realized what had happened. “Your first instinct is your stomach kinda drops a little bit because it wasn’t just passing, it was a little under the door.”

“I feel so violated. It’s dehumanizing in a sense that someone feels they can come into my dressing room and take something that doesn’t belong to them,” Habmy continued. “It’s a violating and a humiliating feeling.”

Although Hamby doesn’t recall there being a store employee present to monitor the dressing room area when she walked in, it wasn’t long after she realized that someone was trying to take a picture of her that she heard an employee shout at the man.

Store employee Susan Davis told the police that the man she saw kneeling down and taking pictures with his cell phone while Hamby was in the dressing room was a white male with a black hat, burgundy t-shirt and gray shorts, who was around 5’9″ and 200 pounds.