Privacy issues at forefront of SB 3 debate

Wes Rapaport, KXAN

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Discussions surrounding Texas’ divisive proposed legislation took center stage at the capitol on Thursday.

Senate Bill 3, also known as the “bathroom bill” and the “privacy act,” would require people to use restrooms, locker rooms, and showers that correspond to the birth sex listed on birth certificates.

Supporters said the bill would protect the privacy and safety of Texans. Opponents argue the bill has already impacted transgender Texans, and has dangerous implications if the bill becomes law.

A group of faith leaders from across the state joined together to announce their support for the bill, and a similar version proposed in the House.

“The state government says that men should go into the men’s restroom, and women should go into the women’s restroom,” Kolkhorst said in her remarks. “That should apply to our counties, our cities, and our school districts.”

Houston Pastor Willie Davis, with MacGregor Palm Community Baptist Church, said, “You can’t cause something equal, when you’re taking away the rights of others. One of the things [is] that we’re here and we want to make it clear that we represent, and that is the fact, that the Speaker of the House needs to let the House vote.”