Texans, Stop Racist, Divisive, Militant Curriculum from Indoctrinating Our Students


UPDATE: At the September 2017 Texas State Board of Education meeting, only one publisher, Tony Diaz, submitted a text to be adopted for Mexican-American Studies (MAS) to be used in our Texas public schools, Grades 9 – 12.

Almost a year ago at the Nov. 2016, Cynthia Dunbar, who is a Constitutional attorney and professor (and had been on the SBOE when the most fact-based, patriotic social studies curriculum standards in the entire nation were adopted), presented her excellent book for the MAS.  However, the leftist media colluding together chose one statement out of context and proceeded to blackball Dunbar’s book.  Unfortunately, the majority of the Board rejected Dunbar’s submission.

Undoubtedly, Tony Diaz and his leftist organization were behind the defeat of Dunbar’s book; and in the Sept. 2017 SBOE meeting, he submitted his OWN text for the MAS.  His text, however, only contains 52% of the required TEKS (curriculum standards for Texas) which is just a fraction above the 50% required by Texas education law. That leaves him 48% of the book to which to input his racist, divisive, militaristic beliefs.

Tony Diaz must not be allowed to move his destructive beliefs into our Texas public schools.