United we stand, united we fall

Dr. Joel McDurmon, The American Vision

United Airlines stands in the middle of a PR debacle over the forcible “re-accommodation” of a passenger this week. The poor man who refused to give up his seat was manhandled by airport police, bloodied, and dragged off the plane with all the care that the ground crew gives your suitcases down below. Social media and Wall Street crucified United Airlines, but as with so many such incidents, the anger is not only misplaced, it is highly myopic and ironic.

As more than one article has pointed out, what United did was perfectly legal and happens thousands of times every year. And while it’s understandable that when something like this happens, unknowing people will jump to blame the airline, they shouldn’t. Only one article I’ve seen so far got close to the real problems: bad laws and police willing to enforce them.

As a Fox opinion column noted, the real culprit here was the Airport cop who used excessive force. But it was much more than that. What kind of society do we live in, first, when there are so many thousands of regulations on the books that average people can be blindsided and even bloodied because of the most ridiculous of them?

Second, what kind of society do we live in when we are willing to enforce such multitudinous regulations in such an obnoxiously stupid way that government agents bludgeon and detain a doctor who has patients to see the next morning